[Webinar] Pumps: At the Core of the Inkjet Printing Systems

Watch our short informative webinar on demand and learn:

  • How pump customizations increase pump lifetime for Inkjet Systems
  • Tips for selecting the right pump technology for DoD and Continuous inkjet processes (CIJ)
  • How pump reliability engineering can support bringing inkjet printers to the market faster

Whether you are designing devices for drop-on-demand or continuous inkjet processes there are several factors to consider when specifying pumps. Join us for this short webinar to discover how the right pump improves performance and reliability, while the right supplier helps you get your printer to market faster.

Reliability and longevity of the inkjet systems are key, but did you know that pump customizations can match inkjet requirement like a hammer hits a nail, improving operation and lifetime? Another interesting fact: Pump reliability engineering provides lifetime results 4x faster than conventional testing procedures. If you want to learn how, watch our webinar now.

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