Watch Webinar on Demand - OEM Pumps in Patient Journey: Critical Components in Life-Saving Equipment

Watch the recording of this short informative webinar to discover how to select the right pump and compressor technology to satisfy your device and application needs. Our application engineer shares with you the guide for achieving high efficiency, long-lasting performance of your equipment. At the same time, you’ll learn how to decrease the total cost of ownership while meeting the needs of patients and fulfilling home and hospital setting requirements.


Whether you manufacture devices for ICU's, Acute Care, Monitoring, Testing, Drug and Vaccine Development or Rehabilitation, there's something relevant for you.



We cover applications such as Breathing Support, Hospital Beds, Hematology, Capnography, In Vitro Diagnostics, Drug Discovery, Nitrogen Generators, NPWT or Deep Vein Thrombosis.



Gain following insights:


  • What are the applications and life-saving equipment crucial for the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic
  • How to select the right pump and compressor for your application
  • How to achieve patient well-being in different rehabilitation settings

Watch Webinar On Demand