Peristaltic pumps are only as good as their components. That's why we emphasize the importance of the tube—the indisputable heart of the pump. Not only does the tube need to possess the right chemical capabilities and prevent cross-contamination, but it also plays a crucial role in the overall performance of the pump.

At Thomas, we understand the importance of using high-quality tubing for good pump performance. Therefore, we offer carefully designed options to meet rigorous quality and functionality standards.

Revitalizing Pump Performance: Embracing Opportunities Amidst a Worn-Out Tube

When a tube wears out, several issues can arise, hampering the performance of your peristaltic pump. Let's explore these challenges:

·        Loss of Performance: As the tube becomes deformed and loses its original characteristics, the overall performance of the pump may suffer. You might experience inaccurate flow rates or fail to achieve the specified pressure.

·        Spallation and Cross-contamination: A worn-out tube may result in spallation, leading to fragments from the tube appearing inside the pump or, in the worst case, contaminating the media being pumped. This can have detrimental effects on the quality of your process.

·        Risk of Leakage: Eventually, a worn-out tube may even break, causing unwanted leakage. This not only disrupts your operations but can also pose safety hazards and result in costly downtime.

Embracing the opportunities presented by tube wear allows you to revitalize your pump's performance, elevate the quality of your processes, and strengthen the reliability of your operations. By embracing these positive changes, you can maximize efficiency, maintain high standards, and ensure a smooth and safe workflow.


Why Choose Thomas Peristaltic Tubes?

When it comes to purchasing tubes for your peristaltic pump, our tubes are tailored to meet your specific requirements. This includes materials, shore levels, and dimensions, ensuring an optimal fit. We provide a diverse selection of standard and custom extruded tubes, thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with our pumps and deliver optimal performance. By using our tubes, you can achieve optimal performance and precise flow control.