Thomas is a leading manufacturer of small pumps for a variety of industries and applications. Our extensive small pump portfolio features units that are as small as a coin or a paper clip. Our small pumps are oil-free regardless of the technology and provide high efficiency, sealed air flow capability, and platform modularity.

We provide small air diaphragm pumps for pressure and vacuum, as well as small liquid pumps manufactured in peristaltic and diaphragm technologies. Our engineers designed the pumps to achieve an excellent size to performance ratio and full control over the operation of all of our pump models. 

Select Max. Pressure Level

Up to 1 bar/14.5 psi
1-2 bar/14.5-29 psi
2-5 bar/29-72.52 psi
5-7 bar/72.52-101.53 psi
7-10 bar/101.53-145 psi
above 10 bar/145 psi

Select Primary Medium Type


Select Flow Rate (l/min

up to 1 LPM
1-5 LPM
5-10 LPM
10-20 LPM
20-30 LPM
30-50 LPM
50-100 LPM
above 150 LPM

Select Max. Vacuum

Up to 300mbar / 9 in.Hg
300-500 mbar / 9-14.75 in.Hg
500-800 mbar / 14.75-23.6 in.Hg
800-900 mbar / 23.6-26.6 in.Hg
Above 900 mbar / 26.6 in.Hg

Select Flow Rate (cfm)

up to 0.035 cfm
0.035-0.176 cfm
1-2 cfm
2-3 cfm
3-4 cfm
4-5 cfm
above 5 cfm

Number of Results: 20 of 61

Thomas Small Pumps Characteristics

We provide both AC and DC motors with variants, ranging from low-cost DC up to brushless DC, to provide efficient and quiet drives for our pumps. Both our small air pumps and small liquid pumps can work in a series or parallel configuration, thus enabling our customers to replace multiple competitive pumps with one Thomas pump unit in portable or smaller OEM devices.

For the deepest vacuum select Thomas small diaphragm vacuum pumps that provide a flow rate ranging from 0.010 cfm (300 ml/min) to 0.58 cfm (16.5 l/min), and vacuum levels of up to 99% of the local barometer maximum, which translates to 1 mbar abs (29.2 in.Hg).

For applications requiring high precision and no risk of cross-contamination we recommend small liquid peristaltic pumps. These pumps are easy to use and maintain, and they offer flow rates ranging from less than 0.1 ml/min to 3,000 ml/min. Special models capable of handling higher pressures of up to 10 bar are also available.

Advantages of Thomas’ Small Pump Engineering

Our state-of-the-art engineering guarantees a sealed air path and proven reliability. We utilize a selection of high quality materials for the pump components based on a chemical resistance to the media being transferred. Our customers can choose from a variety of materials for diaphragm, pistons, valves, and tubings including EPDM, FKM (Viton), Silicone, NBR (Perbunan), PTFE (Teflon), depending on the model selected.

Your Trusted OEM Pump Partner

As a leading small pump manufacturer, we provide a level of customization that is second to none on the market with an extensive variety of small pumps consisting of 20 pump series. Combined with the various configurations that we offer, a pump can be selected from over 100,000 unit variations.