Innovative robust opening and closing mechanism




Wear on the equipment is a major concern for every pump user. If the pump head looks worn after some time and debris is visible at the hinges, you will want to know if the pump is still performing in the same way as on day one and whether you are still getting the same process results. Such questions should not disturb you and distract from your mission-critical tasks.

The ETL500 peristaltic pump is equipped with an innovative robust opening and closing mechanism which allows for virtually wear-free tube changing and guarantees the same product quality and performance even after thousands of tube changes so that you can focus on what really matters, rather than be preoccupied with maintenance issues.


Instead of using lubricants to decrease friction between materials, Thomas engineers decided to build the ETL500 pump’s tube-changing mechanism with the help of a high-quality material combination that is optimized for reduced friction and ensures only minimal material loss over the product’s long lifetime.

Benefit from Thomas’ cutting-edge technology and enjoy using a pump whose quality and performance stays the same even if your application requires very frequent tube changes. Focus on your vital processes with no more need to think about the reliability of your peristaltic pump and its influence on your process outcomes.

View our product video to see how the ETL500 peristaltic pump’s opening and closing mechanism works.