Thomas liquid pumps are well-suited to transfer all types of liquids, whether neutral or corrosive. Our pumps are engineered to withstand harsh chemicals while delivering long life and maximum performance. Compact by design, Thomas liquid pumps set industry standards for high-quality design and reliable performance. After all, pump engineering is a part of the Thomas DNA.

As a result of a fruitful collaboration between our experienced team of engineers and our OEM customers, we are able to value-engineer Thomas pump technologies, customize solutions to meet customer specifications, and guarantee products that are built to perform.


Liquid Pump Technologies: Diaphragm, Linear Diaphragm, and Peristaltic Pumps

The Thomas liquid pump portfolio offers a broad selection of oil-free liquid pumps that can be customized to meet your OEM device design specifications. Our positive displacement pumps can be mounted in virtually any position and come with maintenance-free, or low maintenance pump designs.