Selecting the Right Technology for Your Vacuum, Gas or Pneumatic Application

WOB-L® Piston Pumps and Compressors

Our proprietary WOB-L® piston technology of OEM vacuum pumps and compressors can generate the highest pressure among all. Its compact and lightweight construction is the best choice for the broadest pressure or vacuum applications.

Thomas' WOB-L® platform is made up of single or twin piston, single or two stage, multiple strokes, and bore sizes in pressure of vacuum configurations. They provide free flow rate ranging from 5.4 l/min (0.19 cfm) to 212 l/min (7.5 cfm), max continuous pressures from 0.3 bar ( 4.3 psi ) to 12.1 bar (175 psi), and maximum continuous vacuum from -780 mbar (23.0”Hg) to -990 mbar (29.2”Hg). As with all Thomas products, whether it’s head porting, foot mounting, electrical hook-up, corrosion resistance, or AC, DC, BLDC motor option, we are here for you with over fifty standard catalog series and full range of possible customization.

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WOB-L® piston compressors and vacuum pumps

Main Advantages of Piston Pumps and Compressors

Dry-running piston pumps feature low vibration and balanced flow for smooth operation on a low power consumption platform. These features make them a compressor of choice for various equipment in food & beverage, industrial, automotive, medical, and lab life science markets. WOB-L® platform of OEM vacuum pumps and compressors is commonly used in such applications as stationary or portable oxygen concentrators, respirators, blood analyzers, beverage dispensing, pond aeration, air vending, nitrogen generator, and plasma cutting.

Diaphragm Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Diaphragm technology is the best choice for applications that require air tightness, efficiency, and more aggressive media compatibility. Thanks to the inherent design characteristics, a diaphragm compressor or vacuum in pumps can deliver clean samples without contamination.

Our standard catalog offering consists of over 30 diaphragm series with multiple variants within each series. Free flow rates ranging from 0.7 l/min (.02 cfm) to 90.6 l/min (3.2 cfm), continuous operating pressures range from 0.2 bar (2.9 psi) to 3.0 bar (43.5 psi), and continuous maximum vacuum operation ranges from -380 mbar (11.2”Hg) to 3 bar.

Thomas’ parts bin design approach allows flexible customization with AC, DC, or BLDC motors, as well as different elastomers for corrosion resistance of the parts exposed for the transferred media.

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Mini Diaphragm Compressor and Vacuum Pumps

Main Advantages of Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps and Compressor

Compact and durable diaphragm design holds the unit with excellent controllability that provides high efficiency, low sound levels, and outstanding reliability. Our OEM vacuum pumps and compressors are ideally suited for Medical and Industrial applications. These miniature pumps are often a critical component of battery-operated devices, such as portable gas detectors or gas analyzers. Equally often, they exert a key function of Medical autoclaves and Laboratory applications where maintaining a clean environment is a must.

Articulating Piston Compressors

Robust and environmentally tolerable, Thomas' articulated piston pump technology is designed to withstand harsh environments or applications requiring high pressures with proportionately higher flow capability.

TASKAIR articulated piston pump series provide free flow capacity up to 5.4 cfm (153 l/min) and a pressure to 175 psi (12 bar).

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Articulating Piston Pumps product category

Main Advantages of Articulating Piston Compressors

TASKAIR, a very robust OEM compressor, can run continuously and restart at 12.1 bar (175 psi) in dirty or dusty environments as they are the most tolerant to contamination in the intake air. Motor options include AC, DC, and 3-phase totally enclosed motors and optional DC enclosed motor/housing design.

It is commonly used in unfriendly environments or heavy-duty applications, such as air suspension systems for trucks and buses, kneeling suspension systems as well as other automotive applications, such as the central tire inflation system.

Rotary Vane Pumps and Compressors

Thomas’s Rotary Vane technology offers the highest free flow and lowest levels of vibration and pulsation, generating effective flow against time. These dry-running OEM vacuum pumps and compressors have an excellent flow to size ratio. Some series are capable of reversible operation.

Our rotary vane series provides free low rates ranging from 1.4 l/min (0.05 cfm) up to 199 l/min (7.0 cfm), continuous pressure from 10 mbar (0.1 psi) to 1 bar (14.5 psi), and maximum continuous vacuum from -40 mbar (1.2”Hg) to -850 mbar (25.0”Hg).

We let you choose from multiple modes of global operation including AC single or three-phase, DC, or BLDC motors. In addition to motor options, our on-site Engineering resources can help to customize the units to your OEM device’s specification.

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Rotary Vane Pumps and Compressors

Main Advantages of Rotary Vane OEM Vacuum Pumps and Compressors 

They are a robust modular pump platform sized to fit your application with very quiet operation and virtually pulsation free flow.

Rotary vane is another technology that has a broad band of application usage. Our miniature rotary vane pumps are used in compression therapy, electrocardiogram, gas sampling/detection, medical diagnostics, printing, vacuum pick and place, and water analysis. Whereas the larger PICOLINO series is most commonly found in an array of vacuum handling applications, air and gas sampling/analyzers, lab instrumentation and automation, food and beverage packing, medical devices.

Linear Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Linear diaphragm compressors and vacuum pumps are particularly suitable for higher flow at lower pressure applications that require a quiet operation, lower pulsation, higher efficiency, and very low vibration. Thanks to their construction with fewer wearing parts, they can provide a long and service-free life. No brushes, bearings, rings, vanes, or cup seals means no friction and high efficiency.

Thomas offers magnetic shuttle and linear vibrating armature (non-rotating drive) pump series along with a range of AC and DC motor options. The linear diaphragm product series provide free low rates from 1.5 l/min ( 0.05 cfm) up to 625 l/min (22.1 cfm), continuous maximum operating pressure from 200 mbar (5.9 psi) to 700 mbar (20.7 psi), and continuous maximum operating vacuum from -200 mbar (5.9”Hg) to -550 mbar (16.2”Hg).

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Linear diaphragm compressors and vacuum pumps

Main Advantages of Linear Diaphragm Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Low sound and vibration levels, high efficiency, low pulsation, reliability, and extended lifetimes make it the first choice for Environmental or Medical applications. Sewage aeration, greywater treatment, aquaculture, and pond aeration rely on this technology to meet the demanding requirements in the field. They’re also the right choice for various OEM medical devices like air mattress inflation commonly found in hospitals and nursing care facilities. In addition, they can be considered for compression therapy devices.