How Linear Diaphragm Pumps Works?

The Operating Principle Of Linear Pumps

Both liquid and gas linear pumps utilize electromagnetism to apply force to a diaphragm or piston to positively displace air or pump liquid. Alternating current in electrical coils reverses the magnetic field induced around a magnetized rod at a rate determined by the supplied frequency. Movement of the diaphragm or piston attached to the end of the rod forces air through one-way valves. Linear diaphragm pumps are equipped with linear magnetic and vibrating armature motor types

Thomas Linear Diaphragm Pumps - Working Principle

Linear pumps use electromagnetic force to move the piston or diaphragm up and down, and pump the air or liquid.

What Are The Main Features Of Linear Pumps And Compressors?

Linear pumps also called vibrating armature pumps are quiet and efficient. They have fewer wearing parts than equivalent reciprocating pumps. Thus linear compressors are regarded as long-life and low-maintenance devices. However, their pneumatic performance is limited to the strength of the induced magnetic field, making them suitable for low differential pressure applications.


Where Linear Diaphragm Pumps Are Used?


These positive displacement pumps are used in sewage aeration, greywater treatment, aquaculture, and pond aeration, just to name a few environmental applications. Equally often they are the right choice for various OEM medical devices such as for inflating air mattresses or for compression therapy devices.


What Are The Benefits Of Linear Diaphragm Pumps?


  • Very long life
  • Oil-less
  • Quiet operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Fluid capability with smaller models
  • Low pulsation
  • High efficiency
  • No bearings
  • Thomas linear diaphragm pump provides flow rates up to 22.1 cfm (625 l/min), pressure up to 10.2 psi (0.7 bar), max vacuum 16.2 in.Hg (-550 mbar)

Thomas Linear Diaphragm Pumps and Compressors

Select Flow Rate (l/min

up to 1 LPM
1-5 LPM
5-10 LPM
10-20 LPM
20-30 LPM
30-50 LPM
50-100 LPM
above 150 LPM

Select Primary Medium Type


Select Max. Pressure Level

Up to 1 bar/14.5 psi
1-2 bar/14.5-29 psi
2-5 bar/29-72.52 psi
5-7 bar/72.52-101.53 psi
7-10 bar/101.53-145 psi
above 10 bar/145 psi

Select Max. Vacuum

Up to 300mbar / 9 in.Hg
300-500 mbar / 9-14.75 in.Hg
500-800 mbar / 14.75-23.6 in.Hg
800-900 mbar / 23.6-26.6 in.Hg
Above 900 mbar / 26.6 in.Hg

Select Flow Rate (cfm)

up to 0.035 cfm
0.035-0.176 cfm
1-2 cfm
2-3 cfm
3-4 cfm
4-5 cfm
above 5 cfm