Thomas’ diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors are characterized by an excellent size to performance ratio. A leak-tight air path and stable performance over a lifetime complete the picture.

The overall portfolio includes a number of product lines. Flow rates range from 530 ml/min (0.018 cfm) to 90 l/min (3.2 cfm). The pneumatic performance covers pressures up to 3 bar (43.5 psi) and vacuum levels up to -990 mbar (29.2 in.Hg). Various motor options address lifetime requirements.

Select Max. Pressure Level

Up to 1 bar/14.5 psi
1-2 bar/14.5-29 psi
2-5 bar/29-72.52 psi
5-7 bar/72.52-101.53 psi
7-10 bar/101.53-145 psi
above 10 bar/145 psi

Select Flow Rate (l/min

up to 1 LPM
1-5 LPM
5-10 LPM
10-20 LPM
20-30 LPM
30-50 LPM
50-100 LPM
above 150 LPM

Select Flow Rate (cfm)

up to 0.035 cfm
0.035-0.176 cfm
1-2 cfm
2-3 cfm
3-4 cfm
4-5 cfm
above 5 cfm

Select Max. Vacuum

Up to 300mbar / 9 in.Hg
300-500 mbar / 9-14.75 in.Hg
500-800 mbar / 14.75-23.6 in.Hg
800-900 mbar / 23.6-26.6 in.Hg
Above 900 mbar / 26.6 in.Hg

Number of Results: 20 of 25

Benefits of Thomas Diaphragm Technology

By design, Thomas diaphragm pumps provide significant benefits to the end-user.

  • Low power consumption for reduced energy invest
  • Low sound level for workplace comfort
  • Service free operation for continuous work cycles

Characteristics of Thomas Diaphragm Air Compressors

The diaphragm pump platform can be extensively customized to meet rigorous application and project requirements. Depending on the model series selected, different pump configurations, motors and elastomer materials are available.

  • Free flow up to 90 l/min (3.2 cfm)
  • Maximum pressure up to 3.0 bar (43.5 psi)
  • Maximum vacuum up to 1 mbar abs. (29.2 in Hg)
  • Single or dual head
  • AC, DC or brushless DC

Diaphragm Pumps and Compressors for Key Industries

Our gas diaphragm pumps and compressors are designed to consistently meet customer specifications and performance requirements. Whether the task is to transfer air or gas from A to B or to meet a precise working point, diaphragm technology is a highly efficient and reliable way of getting the job done.

Thanks to the reliable performance, compact size, and efficient operation Thomas gas diaphragm pumps are the first choice for medical and environmental industries amongst others.

Especially mission-critical and portable devices like gas analysis rely on our products. Application know-how and years of experience allow our Engineering teams to customize your pump to the most demanding conditions.