Thomas Pumps Up New Hope in the Battle Against COVID-19 Worldwide

Ventilator Application

Wuxi, China--- Many thousands of units of Thomas flagship Nexus compressors have come off the assembly line since Thomas Wuxi plant resumed work on February 10, 2020. The increasing inquiries and the rocketing orders were mostly from ventilator OEM customers, with requests to ship to Wuhan ASAP.

According to the latest published guideline by the Chinese National Health Committee to cure novel coronavirus, the medical ventilators equipped with a standalone air compressor module were listed as the necessity in ICU. Their function to switch from a central air supply to a standalone air compressor module could well fit into many makeshift medical centers.

Thomas’ flagship Nexus series was selected by China’s top-ranking ventilator manufacturers that features our proprietary WOB-L® piston technology that was patented in 1976. The Nexus series is renowned for its long life, hassle-free maintenance and quiet in operation. Its diverse platform that can be configured with one or two pistons, 2.25” or 2.75” bore, a wide range of strokes, single or two stage pressure or vacuum.  It is also highly customizable.  All of these features with the same exterior shell size.  This makes the Nexus series the industry benchmark in various medical applications, especially for ventilator and oxygen concentrators to fight against COVID-19.


Since early March, inquiries for the Nexus series have been skyrocketing. Our Chinese ventilator customers brought their successful star products for COVID-19 to Italy, Germany, and the whole European continent. In late March, we received an inquiry from India about purchasing over thirty three thousand compressors units for ventilators. Leveraging our global production capacity in Wuxi, China, and Monroe, USA, Thomas made a bold proposal to deliver all compressors within three months. Thomas ultimately won this deal with the final delivery commitment to meet the quantity ramp-up in a short lead time. No other competitor could match our proposal because of our ability to instantly respond, reliable delivery, and recognized quality.


Ventilators and O2 concentrators are just one of Nexus series wide selection of COVID-19 applications. This Thomas flagship model could also be used in a disinfectant sprayer. With atomized H2O2 pressured by the Nexus compressor, the public area of hospitals could be coated with disinfectant spray thoroughly, as the positively charged disinfectant particles are attracted to negative grounded surfaces.


Besides the large size compressor, Thomas could also provide smaller size gas/liquid diaphragm pumps in a comprehensive fluid path solution for IVD analyzer OEMs, ranging from precise reagent sampling and dosing, waste removal and needle cleaning, etc. Recently, the Thomas 1210 liquid diaphragm pump has helped a leading Chinese CLIA manufacturer to create its quick coronavirus antibody detection solution in Europe. This detection only takes 15 minutes, and 1200 detection cycles could be done within one hour. This China-developed solution has been covered by the German ARD 1 channel and French TFI TV station recently.

To fight against COVID-19 is a cause for all humankind, which involves relentless cross-border and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Thomas, an OEM pump brand, now under Ingersoll-Rand -  Precision & Science Technology Group, is committed to working closely with medical device OEM customers worldwide to pump up new hope in the battle against COVID-19 worldwide. 

Lean on us to help you make life better.