Dual spring-loaded occlusion system




Flow rate repeatability plays a key role in many processes, but it is often difficult to achieve if pump tubes are changed often and require careful pump calibration. The ETL500 peristaltic pump’s unique dual spring-loaded occlusion system addresses this issue by helping you reduce tube deviations so that the same amount of liquid is delivered at all times.

The two springs, which normalize the occlusion pressure on the tubes, allow for a symmetric tube occlusion. As a result, the design enables the repeatability of flow rates between tube changes to be improved significantly compared to designs which do not feature a spring-loaded occlusion system.


The ETL500 pump’s adjustable occlusion mechanism, which can be factory-set to match your specific process requirements to avoid over-pressurizing tubes, ensures a longer tube lifetime. The mechanism’s gentle handling of tubes means fewer breaks and less need for tube changing, disposing of spilt liquid and re-calibrating the pump with new tubing.

Benefit from the ETL500 pump’s unique dual spring-loaded occlusion feature to get better process results and boost the lifetime of your equipment. Make the most of a technology that allows you to focus on what really matters – your mission-critical processes – rather than on your pump’s maintenance.

View our product video to see how the ETL500 pump’s dual spring-loaded occlusion system works.