Discover Thomas’ State of the Art Manufacturing Facility in Wuxi, China

Thomas has 3 manufacturing plants: one in Europe, one in North America and one in Asia. The Asian one is located in Wuxi, East China's Jiangsu province in the heart of the Yangtze river delta. It is located in the middle point between Nanjing and Shanghai, less than a 2 hours’ drive from each city. Wuxi is achieving remarkable results in industrial development and is attracting entrepreneurs from different parts of the world.

View a video that presents Wuxi facility and how it has developed into a world class manufacturing plant.  

Thomas’ Wuxi facility was constructed in 2005 and currently 150 people work there. The facility is ISO 9001 certified, which is an endorsement to Thomas’ commitment to the quality of its products and manufacturing processes. The Wuxi facility’s annual production is 700K pumps, and about 60-70% is exported to Thomas’ strategic customers in every corner of the globe. With ambitions to create a cross-continental and cross-industry network, Thomas is working on bringing our business closer together

Watch our video to learn more about Thomas’ Wuxi manufacturing plant.