Dialysis is a process by which excess waste products are removed from the patient's blood. Regardless of the dialysis type, the process is controlled by a dialysis machine. In the range of high-tech dialysis machines, there can be various types of pumps for different purposes: blood pumps, dialysate pumps, degassing pumps and pumps for different pneumatic functions. Thomas is the one-stop-shop for all the pump and compressors required for this application.

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment for patients with end-stage kidney failure whose kidneys can no longer function. The dialysis machines removing water, solutes, and toxins from the blood. Dialysis works on the principles of diffusion across a semipermeable membrane. Blood flows by one side of a semipermeable membrane and a dialysate on the opposite side. The two main types of dialysis are hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

In peritoneal dialysis, wastes and water are removed from the blood inside the body using the peritoneum as a natural semipermeable membrane.

In hemodialysis, the patient’s blood is pumped through a dialyzer. Blood flows through fibers, while dialysis solution flows around the outside of the fibers. The patient’s blood is cleaned in a dialyzer machine from waste products such as urea, creatinine, potassium, and extra fluid pass through the membrane, while the blood cells, protein, etc. remain in the blood.


Key Pump Functions


Thomas pumps are engineered to meet OEM’s specification of dialysis devices with special attention to the following pump characteristics:

  • Degassing of the dialysate
  • Saline transfer
  • Pneumatic functions


Selecting the Right Dialysis Pump for Your Device


Our Liquid Peristaltic Pumps SR25 Series is a perfect fit for degassing of the dialysate or saline transfer. Pump is offered with a tubing material that received the regulatory approvals for medical purposes.

SR25 Liquid Peristaltic Pump can handle both gas and liquids in an environment free from cross-contamination risk. In addition to high-efficiency, low pulsation, and robust design, the spring-loaded rollers ensure maximum tube life.

For the pneumatics requirements for various flow rates of dialysate to the patient, Thomas provides 2250 Series of WOB-L® Piston Compressor. This piston compressor is closed in magnesium and die-cast aluminum components is equipped with a THOMAS POWER 10 pole, 3 phase 24V brushless DC drive system that is thermally protected, cool running, and provides very efficient operation.

Unit can operate at pressure and vacuum loads simultaneously allowing for different types of work in one small lightweight, compact design that is very quiet, <50 dB(A), requires very low power consumption, <80W at load, and can restart against maximum back pressure. WOB-L® Piston 2250 Series yields necessary flow, pressure, and vacuum requirements despite stringent system filtration requirements and has exceptional operating life whether in clinical or home environments.

Thomas Technologies Best Suited for Dialysis Devices

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