With a reputation for reliability high-efficiency and long-lasting performance, Thomas products are perfect fit for various applications in food and beverage industry. They are often found in various vending machines, dispensing systems, and many more.

Beverage Dispensing


Thomas compressors are key components of food-grade nitrogen generators that to dispense beverages, displacing old long draw systems with compressed air and CO2. Food-grade nitrogen generators brings plenty of benefits, such as providing a better head and flavor in beer, helping to improve flavor and storage time for wine, and serving to blanket open beer or wine bottles between servings to prevent spoilage.


Our Pumps for Beverage Dispensing


Vending Machines / Coffee Dispensing and Cappuccino Makers

Who doesn't like a good coffee? Consistent pressure is necessary for high-quality coffee beverages to push the heated water through a properly packed coffee puck or pod or force the stream of hot steam into milk, to provide you with a perfectly foamed milk.


Ice Cream Dispensing


These types of systems dispense soft serve ice cream at fast food restaurants, shopping malls, and mini-marts. Compressed air is required to move the ice cream into cones and cups.


Nitro Brewed/ Infused Beverages


Compact sized nitrogen generators are used to infuse cold brew coffee or beer at chain stores as well local coffee shop, bars and restaurants. Gas compressor is used to supply the air to the nitrogen generator outlet. The compressor is mounted at the beginning of the system and passes compressed air through sets of filters to remove the impurities before entering into the generator.

Technologies des pompes et des compresseurs Thomas pour les applications agroalimentaires