The primary use of disinfectant sprayers is to eliminate or greatly reduce harmful bacteria and viruses, reducing the risk of transmission of a range of diseases and illnesses. Electrostatic disinfectant sprayers use a special spray nozzle that atomizes and applies a positive charge to the disinfectant liquid. The positively charged liquid particles are attracted to the negative grounded surfaces, allowing all surfaces to be completely coated regardless of nozzle orientation.

Thomas developed precise specifications and requirements to meet the evolving market needs for disinfectant sprayer equipment and support our shared goal to beat the novel coronavirus.

How Disinfectant Electrostatic Sprayer Works?


Portable electrostatic spray systems incorporate a patented nozzle which atomizes and applies a positive electric charge to disinfectant atomized particles leaving the nozzle.

The positively charged disinfectant particles are attracted to negative grounded surfaces.

This allows all surfaces to be coated 360° with the disinfectant spray.



pumps for electrostatic sprayer equipment

Spray systems are typically mobile and vary in size, ranging from carts that can be either autonomous or pushed, to backpacks that can be worn by a user. They are commonly used on cruise ships, as well as in hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes. With outbreak of COVID-19 electrostatic sprayer systems are a common tool for protecting the health and well-being of individuals in an array of public and private settings.

Thomas Pumps for Disinfectant Sprayer Equipment


Spray system OEMs can benefit from patented Thomas WOB-L® technology and its many performance characteristics. By combining WOB-L® technology with Thomas Power AC or BLDC drive systems and compact, lightweight designs, customers can be confident that Thomas is the right choice to meet or exceed application requirements. Also, you can be sure that Thomas utilizes durable components and high-performance piston seals in their piston pumps and compressors.

Benefits of WOB-L® Piston Pump Technology

Broad portfolio of piston compressors covers the many disinfectant sprayer systems around the world, regardless of pressure, flow, size or any other unique application requirements you may require.

  • Reliable technology
  • Wide range of performance
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Economical service kits
  • Flow over time is relatively linear
  • Oil-free air supply
  • Fewer mechanical parts than other operating technologies
  • Long life
  • Low power consumption
  • Consistent performance