Thomas provides an ample selection of reliable liquid pumps, vacuum pumps, and compressors for cleaning, disinfection, and infection control applications. Our dry running technologies are well known for high-efficiency and long-lasting performance. Complemented by a range of motor options and elastomers, Thomas products are an excellent choice for dosing, dispensing, spraying, and other functions.

Electrostatic and Chemical Disinfectant Spraying


The primary use of disinfectant sprayers is to eliminate or significantly reduce harmful bacteria and viruses, thus preventing the transmission of disease or illnesses.  This is done by a special spray nozzle that atomizes and applies a positive charge to the disinfectant.  The positively charged particles are attracted to the negative grounded surfaces, allowing all surfaces to be completely coated regardless of orientation.  Spray systems are typically mobile and vary in size ranging from a cart that is pushed to a worn backpack. They’re commonly used on cruise closed venues, hospitals, schools, prisons, nursing homes, or on cruise ships

Our Pumps for Chemical Disinfection Sprayers




Ozone Generators


Ozone generators produce ozone by breaking apart oxygen molecules.  Ozone has a lot of uses throughout the world today if it is properly controlled and regulated.  It can be used in commercial and industrial applications like air pollution control, water and wastewater treatment, bottled water, swimming pools, disinfecting, food processing, odor removal, medical applications, and the pharmaceutical industry.




Autoclaves are used for sterilizing instruments and equipment. During the sterilization cycle, the air in a chamber is evacuated and then replaced with steam as the sterilization agent. The process is repeated multiple times to ensure complete sterilization of the autoclave load.


Air Dryer


Air dryers are commonly used in industrial settings to remove impurities from the air, producing completely clean and dry air into an existing air supply.  It’s ideally suited for a wide variety of laboratory applications, including FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy), NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectrometry, laser spectroscopy, and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) analyzers and rheometers.


Washers / Disinfectors


These devices are used for automated cleaning and thermal disinfection of medical products such as surgical instruments. Liquid pumps are used to dispense detergents and disinfectants and to rinse the system after the disinfection is done. For the washers and disinfectors that use chemically aggressive liquids, the best choice peristaltic pump technology supported with the use of and the right tubing choice. Peristaltic pumps are not affected by the liquid crystallization thus providing exceptional longevity.


Thomas Solutions for Cleaning and Disinfection Devices