Trace detection is used at airports, harbors, cargo facilities, and other border facilities to detect explosives or narcotics on people who have been in contact with these substances. The goal is to intercept and detain them while minimizing potentially the risk of potentially dangerous situations in public or high risk areas.

Thomas Pumps for Trace Detection

Explosives trace detectors is a detection equipment that must be able to detect explosives even of small magnitude. The detection is accomplished by sampling non-visible "trace" amounts of particulates on the objects. It can be a luggage as well as hands of a suspect. Similar equipment is used to detect traces of drugs.

Our miniature rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors meet the general market needs and, more importantly, can be modified to meet specific customer requirements. Thus making them a perfect fit for the trace detection application.  

Key Pump Functions and Features for Trace Detection Equipment

The pump pulls the air sample into the chamber, where it's, analyzed for containment of illegal or dangerous substances. Reversible flow in a must-have function, to be able to purge the sampling line, to prevent contamination of subsequent samples. Our pumps are engineered to meet your device specification, with special attention to the following pump characteristics:

  • Compact and lightweight design to improve device's mobility
  • Reversible flow and superb flow-to-size ratio
  • Low sound and vibration level to enhance patient comfort
  • Energy efficient set-up for prolonged battery life