The Thomas range of pumps and compressors for beverage dispensing offers proven technologies to meet the extensive applications within the food and beverage market. We provide solutions for nitrogen generators, soft drinks, beer dispensers, gas mixing systems, and compressed air for driving pneumatic devices.

Typical Applications and Devices for Beverage Dispensing

Coffee Making Machines / Coffee Vending Machines

Consistent pressure is necessary for high-quality coffee beverages to push the heated water through a properly packed coffee puck or pod or force the stream of hot steam into milk, to provide you with a perfectly foamed milk. Piston compressors can generate high pressure that's necessary for proper extraction of the coffee aroma.

Drink Dispensing 

Mobile beverage dispensing systems are a common site at private events and functions. The units are composed of a cooling system and a small compressor that is used to tap the beverage. In some cases the compressor is combined with a pressure switch to ensure more controlled dispensing.

Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen generators produce nitrogen from compressed air supplied by a dedicated air compressor. The compressor passes compressed air through sets of filters, which remove impurities before entering into the generator. The filtrated air then passes through another filter that eliminates oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules, resulting in a high hydrogen gas purity. 

Selecting the Right Pump for Your Application

Depending on the type of beverage dispenser and function performed by the pump there are three major technologies to consider, taking under consideration the performance and application requirements. Thomas provides a wide range of profiled products in stock, however we're also able to customize our pumps and compressors to meet your specific requirements or tailor them to your equipment.