Liquid linear diaphragm pumps are equipped with a linear drive motor in contrast to liquid diaphragm pumps which use a rotary principle. Linear diaphragm pumps offer low power consumption, low sound levels, long lifetime, and self-priming capabilities for applications requiring low pressure.

Benefits of Thomas Liquid Linear Pumps

The Thomas LMF is a compact linear diaphragm pump series that measures less than three inches (72 mm) in each direction. Thomas offers 115V, 230V, 12V, and 24V AC options for both the LMF3 and LMF4 models. Depending on the model, Liquid Linear pumps provide a free flow of 0.006 cfm (185 ml/min) or 0.0105 cfm (300 ml/min), while being able to reach a pressure of 13 psi (0.9 bar) and up to 9 in Hg (3 m H2O) suction height.

Liquid Linear Pumps for Medical and Industrial Applications

Thomas LMF liquid linear diaphragm pumps are often selected for a wide range of medical, environmental, and industrial applications, due to their low sound levels, low power consumption, and the long lifetime provided.

This economical pump is self-priming in order to facilitate fluid flow. The LMF series can accommodate dosing requirements for cleaning and sanitation applications by adjusting the stroke to dispense the desired volume. Low sound levels are critical in the dental office for the comfort of the patient when undergoing treatment. The long lifetime and economical price are why the LMF pump is selected for low-pressure applications.

Featured Applications using Liquid Linear Diaphragm Pumps

Key Medical Applications:

  • Industrial Applications
  • Medical Devices
  • Laboratory and Analysis
  • Dosing Applications

Main Industrial Applications:

  • HVAC
  • Fuel Cells

How Liquid Linear Diaphragm Pumps Work?

Liquid linear pumps utilize electromagnetism to apply force to the diaphragm positively displacing the pumped medium. Alternating current in electrical coils reverses the magnetic field induced around a magnetized rod. Movement of the diaphragm attached to the end of the rod forces liquid through one-way valves.

Thomas Linear Diaphragm Pumps - Working Principle