Thomas Pumps for Medical Ventilators (COVID-19)

As a supplier of pumps for ventilators manufacturers, we are committed to supporting you during the COVID-19 outbreak. With stocks of mission-critical components required for medical devices used to treat COVID-19 infected patients, we are doing everything we can to help fight the Corona-Virus. Thomas is continuously manufacturing pumps, so we can supply them where needed and on time. Our pumps for ventilators that are vital in the treatment of patients whose lungs have been attacked by the infection are in continuous supply. Currently, we are operating at full capacity, and with the highest sensibility as we try to continue to provide our solutions to customers on time.


At Thomas, we are proud to be your partner in providing you with air respiration compressors and pumps for ventilators, aspirators, oxygen concentrators, and capnography. You can lean on us.

We are here for you and to provide the best possible service to our partners. Our sales teams are still available to make site visits if required, however, we are encouraged to carry out meetings on-line. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thomas Pumps for Medical Ventilators