How Long Does It Take to Assemble One Thomas 2450 Series’ Pump?

2450 series pumps from Thomas are ideal for medical and other pressure applications requiring a small, lightweight pump with a high performance to weight ratio. They can be used in oxygen concentrators and other respiratory applications, providing many hours of reliable performance. The oil less 2450 Series is also RoHS compliant and features permanently lubricated bearings. It utilizes Thomas’ WOB-L® piston technology known for its long-life and proven performance. It takes only 34 seconds to assemble one Thomas 2450 series’ pump!

The U-Shape line at the Thomas Wuxi manufacturing plant greatly boosts the assembly efficiency of the 2450 series. It reduces downtime across the various procedures almost to zero. All units of the 2450 series pump are assembled at this Thomas productive assembly line and delivered to our strategic oxygen concentrator OEM customers in US, Japan, and China.

For further information on the 2450 series of pumps and compressors from Thomas, and how we can meet your needs, please click WOB-L® piston pumps & compressors2450 Series