Thomas articulated piston compressors are workhorses that go in dirty, hot or cold environments, and in applications with high pressure and high cycle requirements. They are the technology of choice for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in many mobile, industrial, and applications including air suspension, central tire inflation system, dry sprinkler systems.

Benefits of Thomas Articulated Piston Pumps and Compressors

The straight up/straight down piston motion is tailor-made for delivering high-pressure, high-volume airflow; good for stopping and restarting against back pressure. The oil-less design eliminates contamination concerns.

Features that only Thomas Articulated Piston Technology can provide

  • Can run continuously at high pressures (175 psig/ 12 bar)
  • Can restart at high pressures (175 psig/ 12 bar )
  • Can operate in very harsh working environments (dirty, dusty, hot, cold)

Our Robust TASKAIR Articulated piston pumps and compressors can provide a performance and quality of design that's unparalleled on the market. On top of the performance Thomas’ units are more tolerant to contamination in intake air and can bolt to virtually any “off the shelf” motor with slight modifications to the shaft and motor mount face. Pump design is customizable also for motor protection, with optional DC enclosed motor/housing design. 

Articulated Piston Pumps and Compressors for a Variety of OEM Applications

The Thomas TASKAIR product series are most often used in medium and heavy duty air suspension systems that require high air flow and long run times, however they are selected when an application demands exceed typical piston pump technology limitations. They can be found in leading industrial devices and systems.

Key Applications:

  • Air suspension
  • Central tire inflation
  • Defense equipment manufacturing
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Kneeler suspension systems
  • Load leveling air suspension systems
  • Pneumatic doors
  • Wheel flange lubrication

How Articulated Piston Pumps and Compressors Work?

The articulated piston compressor follows the same operating principle as a conventional car engine piston. The articulated piston transfers rotational energy from a motor into a reciprocating motion used to compress air in a closed cylinder. As the piston moves down inside the cylinder, the air is drawn through a one-way intake valve. When the piston moves up, the air is exhausted through a one-way exhaust valve.

The construction of this positive air displacement pump protects it from even the harshest environmental and heavy-duty application conditions.


Learn about Articulated Piston Technology

Articulated Piston Pump - working principle