Thomas pumps are used in inkjet printing systems for a variety of functions including ink degassing, system vacuum and pressure, cleaning and circulation. While there are two main types of inkjet systems, drop-on-demand and continuous inkjet, OEMs around the world rely on Thomas pumps for reliable, long lasting performance for both liquid handling and gas applications in inkjet printing systems.

Pumps for inkjet printing systems are designed to handle liquids with high viscosity (<150 cSt), pump inks with considerable amount of pigment, and are constructed of materials that can handle pumping even the most acidic chemicals.


Types of Pumps for Inkjet Printing Systems


Diaphragm pumps are considered to be one of the most robust pumps for inkjet applications. These pumps are compatible with high temperatures over long periods, and are resistant to chemical and mechanical wear.

Drop-on-Demand Inkjet Technology (DoD)

Drop-on-Demand Inkjet (DoD) system

Drop-on-Demand Inkjet (DoD) – In this technology bubbles of ink are formed and expand, then a small drop of ink is injected through a nozzle onto the printing surface.

DoD inkjet systems are used in a vast range of applications, from wide-format printing to decorative printing on textiles, wood or ceramic tiles. For all of these uses, print quality and system uptime are top priorities. Thomas supports your goals with a brilliant range of pump solutions that deliver the quality, performance, and speed your customers require.

Continuous Inkjet Technology

Continuous Inkjet printing system

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ)  – in continuous inkjet technology, a continuous stream of ink is separated into individual droplets in the print head of the inkjet printer. Some of the droplets are electrostatically charged and then pass through a deflecting electrode. Uncharged droplets are input back again into the ink circuit through the gutter. Charged droplets are put onto the surface of the object to be printed on.

Continuous inkjet systems are used around the world for marking and coding a great variety of products. The most important criteria for such applications are uptime, speed and service. Thomas helps you meet them all with a range of truly advanced pump solutions.

Key Functions of Pumps in Inkjet Systems

Pumps are used for a variety of functions in both inkjet technologies including:

  • Ink degassing
  • System vacuum and pressure
  • Cleaning station
  • Vacuum (maintaining constant meniscus pressure at print head)
  • Gutter pump
  • Chemistry make-up
  • Ink supply
  • Positive air
  • Ink circulation

Selecting the Right Pump for Inkjet Printing Systems

  • Compatibility: Determining the compatibility of the pump with the type of ink is crucial to guaranteeing quality of the final product and longevity of the printer. For example, UV curable inks and coatings have a unique chemistry and composition, requiring unique handling and pumping needs.
  • Operating Conditions: Select an inkjet pump in reference to the flow rate and pressure requirements of the application.
  • Special considerations such as how to select a pump that can minimize meniscus pressure variations, reduce ink consumption, or meet application specific challenges such as the transfer of UV inks

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Pumps in Inkjet Printing Systems