[Webinar on Demand] Pumps: Customised peristaltic pump solutions for liquid handling

Engineered peristaltic pump solutions for liquid handling in medical, process, and industrial applications.

Watch the recording of this short informative webinar and discover why peristaltic pumps are important, and where to use them.

You will be introduced to the entire range of the Ingersoll Rand Medical peristaltic pump line-up and learn how customised peristaltic pumps can meet your needs.

Peristaltic pumps are your ally when you need to dose or dispense fluid with high accuracy without cross-contamination. They are widely used in Medical, Analysis or Industrial Applications where contamination can be an issue.

Gain the following insights:

  • See how pump customisation can increase a pump's lifetime
  • Get tips for selecting the right pump technology for handling a variety of liquids such as water, blood, sterile or aggressive fluids and suspended solids

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