Thomas’ Innovative Approach to Packaging Gives Sustainability a New Meaning


Environmental sustainability is a long-term societal goal whose achievement will doubtless benefit all of us, but will also require concerted efforts on the part of the entire global population, with both individuals and organizations having their roles to play in the process. As the corporate world, including manufacturing companies, becomes increasingly aware of the huge responsibility that it bears for limiting negative human impacts on the environment, it is more and more dedicated to finding ever greener ways of conducting business.

Here at Thomas we have been paying a lot of attention to minimizing the carbon footprint by improving our production and logistics operations. We aim to manufacture and ship our products in the most eco-friendly way possible in order to reduce CO2 emissions while not compromising the renowned quality of our pumps. Our innovative approach to sending orders which rests on the assumption that less packaging means more good for the environment well reflects this philosophy and demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection.


Thomas has been using Polylam®, a material made from synthetic polymers, to package its products.

Commonly used in packaging applications, Polylam® offers a number of unique qualities that help provide a padding effect and thus ensure effective protection of the shipped goods. Polylam®:


Has a low density and thus also light weight

Absorbs shocks during transportation

Offers good heat insulation

Offers excellent resistance to weathering and aging

Is resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals


But what do these characteristics have to do with sustainability? Well, they make Polylam® a very durable packaging material, which means it can be reused many times in accordance with the concept of a circular economy that aims to tackle the global waste problem by reducing resource consumption and extending products’ life cycles.


The idea of a circular or closed-loop economy as a model of production and consumption in which the generation of waste is reduced to the minimum by reusing the same resources again and again has been gaining in importance in recent years. The outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the post-pandemic recovery efforts have only strengthened the trend. A shift towards a circular economy is now being supported by new legislation proposed within the European Union and elsewhere.


So, why not go with the flow? Thomas wants to contribute to the sustainability cause by making sure that our durable Polylam® packaging is utilized multiple times. We ship our pumps to customers in reusable packages that can be easily sent back to us once the products have been unwrapped. How does it work? The entire procedure, which we use throughout the EU, is very easy and requires relatively little effort from our clients. We provide a routing order that enables our customers to quickly arrange the return shipment. All the return fees are on us!  Together, we can make a difference!


By using Polylam® – whose durability depends on the weight of the particular pump model but usually allows for at least 3-4 uses – Thomas optimizes its shipping operations and significantly reduces their overall costs. We produce into the package, which means there is no need for sorting or pre-packing the pumps as the full pack is slipped into the right carton box.


However, the main benefit of this innovative approach to packaging products will be a significant reduction of our and our clients’ carbon footprint. It will be divided between enough users for it to be reduced to a small percentage of the original figure. By supporting this green initiative and sending (preferably with the help of CO2-neutral forwarding companies) their pumps’ packaging back to us, our customers will get a chance to make a substantial contribution to achieving environmental sustainability and show their competitors how one can take the lead on our shared path towards a greener future.