New Peristaltic Pump Era - Unveiling the ETL Series

Welcome to the dawn of the New Peristaltic Era with Thomas' ETL Series! Our innovative liquid pump is here to revolutionize your fluid handling experience. Say goodbye to complex setups and costly maintenance, and say hello to streamlined operations and embrace the future of effortless liquid handling. Let's explore the benefits that make the ETL Series a game-changer:


Plug and Play for Simplified Workflow

Effortless operation is at your fingertips. With the ETL 500 Series, we introduce the revolutionary Plug and Play functionality, enabled by the bayonet fitting on the adapter plate. This ingenious design allows you to replace the pump head on an existing motor or drive without any tools. Assembling the pump is a breeze: place the pump and press down the lever, twist the pump head, and it locks. This simplifies operation and extends tube lifetime.


1. Extend Pump Lifetime with a Robust Mechanism

Bid farewell to frequent tube replacements that disrupt your operations and compromise performance. Our ETL Series offers seamless tube changes, thanks to an enhanced mechanism designed for wear-free operation. No more worries about worn-down pump heads or strained motors. Our innovative material choice reduces friction, eliminating the need for messy lubricants. Enjoy extended pump lifetime and consistent performance.


2. One Pump, Multiple Applications:



Loading tubes has never been simpler. Our ETL 500 pump range boasts an exceptionally easy tube-loading mechanism. It can be handled with one hand, even while wearing protective gloves. Precise tube placement is guaranteed with clearances designed to prevent damage. This translates into One Pump for Multiple Applications. With the same pump, simply change the tube to cover a wide range of flow rates, from 18 mL/min to 3 liters. Additionally, these peristaltic pumps excel in dispensing, dosing, and transfer, making them the go-to choice for multiple applications within your company.

3. Flow Consistency for Safety and Efficiency:

Achieve flow rate repeatability effortlessly with the Adjustable Spring-Loaded Occlusion system of our ETL 500 pumps. This unique dual spring-loaded occlusion system ensures flow consistency and repeatable results, every time. Safety takes center stage as continuous pump operation is guaranteed. Leave behind the need for constant tube changes and complex calibrations. Our occlusion mechanism extends tube lifetime, reduces breakage, and minimizes downtime.


Customization for Your Unique Needs

We understand that your needs are unique. That's why we offer customization options, working closely with you to adapt and optimize our pumps for your specific requirements. Let us tailor solutions that enhance your workflow efficiency and ensure optimal results.

Sustainability at Its Core

At Thomas, we're committed to sustainability. Our ETL pump series design reduces plastic waste and operational costs. With extended tube lifetime and minimal material loss, you will save on both maintenance and waste disposal. Join us in reducing your environmental footprint.

Welcome to the New Peristaltic Era with the ETL 500 Series. Embrace simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability in your liquid handling processes. Thomas is your trusted partner in fluid handling innovation.