Fail-safe tube-loading mechanism

The lid can be easily lifted with one hand even if you are wearing protective gloves, and once opened it gives you enough clearance to place the tube correctly with no sharp edges located close to the tube loading surfaces. Switching to a different tube size is facilitated by the pump’s adjustable tube holders.

Benefit from the time and cost savings that the ETL500 pump’s convenient tube loading feature can bring to your processes. Simply access our step-by-step guide via the QR code on the pump to help you choose and load the tube in accordance with your desired flow rate, and then set the tube holders with the adjustment wheel.

View our product video to see how the ETL500 peristaltic pump’s tube-loading mechanism works.





If your application requires frequent tube changes, you have to put some effort into making sure that the loading is done correctly so that the amount of the liquid pumped stays the same at all times. The process may be time-consuming, but incorrect loading of tubing can result in unstable flow rates as well as premature tube breaks and the need to clean up the spill.

With its exceptionally easy and practically fail-safe tube-loading mechanism, Thomas’ new ETL500 peristaltic pump provides an efficient solution to these common customer concerns. Thanks to the mechanism’s unique design, you do not risk any performance deviations or premature tube failures.