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In this newsletter, we will introduce you to the following products and solutions that can effectively modernize and optimize your workflows:

  1. [Brochure] Count on the Built-In Benefits of Welch Vacuum Systems! OEM Manufacturers Worldwide Do!
  2. [Brochure] Let Us Help You Choose – Discover a Wide Range of TriContinent’s Air Displacement Pipettes
  3. Streamline Your Liquid Handling Processes with Zinsser Analytic’s Workbench Automation Solutions!
  4. Simplify Your Lab Processes with Dispensing Glass Syringes from ILS!

Welch vacuum brochure

Count on the Built-In Benefits of Welch Vacuum Systems! OEM Manufacturers Worldwide Do!

When it comes to vacuum systems, at Welch, we are driven by a solution-oriented approach. Combined with decades of vacuum expertise, we can customise for you a reliable, state-of-the-art vacuum system just as we have been successfully doing for many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.
In addition to our exceptional product portfolio and unique solutions, as our partner, you can also benefit from our comprehensive support staffed by our well-experienced engineers.

Download our brochure to get a full picture of the benefits our OEM partners enjoy.

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TriContinent’s Air Displacement Pipettes

Ensure Precision, Efficiency and Flexibility with TriContinent’s Air Displacement Pipettes

Are you looking for ways of improving and streamlining your liquid handling processes? Discover TriContinent’s Air-Z series of state-of-the-art automated air displacement pipettes designed to address the needs of diagnostic and analytical applications. They will help you optimize your workflow by offering the utmost accuracy, efficiency and flexibility as you carry out your crucial laboratory tasks.

Download our brochure to learn more about the technical specifications and performance capabilities of our air displacement pipettes and see the benefits they can bring to your mission-critical lab work.

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Zinsser Analytic

Automate Your Workflows with Zinsser Analytic to Ensure Process Time and Cost Savings

Maximizing efficiency is a key consideration in biotechnological, chemical, pharmaceutical and other lab related processes. Zinsser Analytic provides customized liquid handling systems developed to suit the specific application needs of customers from a wide range of industries. They are designed to automate and streamline laboratory procedures so that you can increase your productivity and throughput.

Visit our website and watch our product video to see our customized high-output workbench automation solutions at work!

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Glass Dispensing Syringes from ILS

Streamline Your Liquid Handling Processes with Glass Dispensing Syringes from ILS

Microsyringes are an indispensable element of analytical lab equipment. Meet the extensive portfolio of dispensing and analytical glass syringes from ILS that are compatible with all standard syringe pumps and liquid handling instruments from leading manufacturers. Our syringes are shock and heat resistant and meet the highest quality standards offering an extended product lifetime.

Visit our website to learn more about our range of glass syringes for liquid handling applications and see how they can facilitate your mission-critical laboratory tasks.

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