Thomas’ Brand New ETL500 Peristaltic Pump Offers Fail-Safe Tube Handling and Flow Stability

Thomas is set to introduce its brand-new ETL500 peristaltic pump designed for flow rates of up to 3000 ml/min. 

It can be equipped with 7 different tube sizes ranging from 0.5 mm inner diameter (ID) up to 8.0 mm ID to offer maximum flexibility for your process.

  • Extremely robust and almost wear-free tube change mechanism ensures operation like on day 1 – even after thousands of tube changes.
  • Fail-safe tube loading mechanism avoids performance deviations.
  • Adjustable dual spring-loaded occlusion improves the repeatability of flow rates between tube changes.

Watch our ETL500 teaser video and stay tuned for more.

Watch the ETL500 Teaser Video


Dental Autoclave Applications Brochure

Thomas Vacuum Pumps Ideal Choice for Dental Autoclave Applications

Using an efficient autoclave is the key when you want to make sure you sterilize your dental equipment properly. Thomas’ diaphragm vacuum pumps from the 8011, 8111, 8211 and 8311 series provide pressure and vacuum solutions that prove perfect for dental autoclave applications and ensure autoclaves’ long-lasting and dependable operation.

Read a new case study about how two leading European producers of dental autoclaves have been relying on our diaphragm vacuum pumps for many years. 

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Chemistry Vacuum System Brochure

Make Your Research Lab Work Easier with Welch’s New Chemical Vacuum System

Discover Welch’s new chemical vacuum system that is the perfect partner for your lab’s rotary evaporator. The system is specially designed for solvent distillation and evaporation applications, and stands out through its high efficiency and control accuracy levels.

Download our flyer to see how our new chemical vacuum system can improve your research lab workflow by making your processes faster.

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Allergy Testing Brochure

TriContinent Syringe Pumps Help Streamline Allergy Testing Procedures

Today’s high-quality in-vitro diagnostic products make it possible to use blood tests to identify allergic responses so that allergy triggers can be avoided and people’s lives can be improved. TriContinent provides customized OEM liquid handling components that help make the diagnostic devices used in allergy testing procedures more efficient and more reliable.

Read a case study about how TriContinent’s MC-Series syringe pumps allowed a leading developer of IVD products for allergy testing to improve their new immunochemistry instrument platform.

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In Vitro Brochure

How Do You Automate In-vitro Diagnostic Analysis?

Over the years of collaboration with top talents from worldwide leading companies, Zinsser has developed a unique set of capabilities. We enable our customers to simplify and streamline the sophisticated IVD processes by using custom-built automated workstations that fulfill their stringent needs regarding procedures such as:

  • Immunophenotyping
  • Sterile filling of cell culture media
  • Giemsa staining

Read our application note about how Zinsser’s automated lab platforms can help you address your everyday lab workflow challenges.

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