Thomas is a leading manufacturer of micro pumps for a variety of industries and applications. Our unique portfolio of micro pump consist of units as small a coin or a paper clip. All of Thomas micro pumps are designed as oil-free modular platforms, and regardless of the technology provide high efficiency and sealed air flow capability.

We provide micro pumps and compressors for pressure and vacuum manufactured in diaphragm and rotary vane technologies. Thomas micro diaphragm pumps are characterized by their operational water vapor tolerance and outstanding chemical compatibility.

The micro rotary vane pumps generate great vacuum at consistent flow rates with minimal vibration and pulsation. Thomas engineers designed the pumps to achieve an excellent size to performance ratio and give you full control over the pump operation. 

Select Primary Medium Type


Select Max. Vacuum

Up to 300mbar / 9 in.Hg
300-500 mbar / 9-14.75 in.Hg
500-800 mbar / 14.75-23.6 in.Hg
800-900 mbar / 23.6-26.6 in.Hg
Above 900 mbar / 26.6 in.Hg

Select Flow Rate (l/min

up to 1 LPM
1-5 LPM
5-10 LPM
10-20 LPM
20-30 LPM
30-50 LPM
50-100 LPM
above 150 LPM

Select Flow Rate (cfm)

up to 0.035 cfm
0.035-0.176 cfm
1-2 cfm
2-3 cfm
3-4 cfm
4-5 cfm
above 5 cfm

Select Max. Pressure Level

Up to 1 bar/14.5 psi
1-2 bar/14.5-29 psi
2-5 bar/29-72.52 psi
5-7 bar/72.52-101.53 psi
7-10 bar/101.53-145 psi
above 10 bar/145 psi

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